Foshan Peng Peng Hydraulic Co., Ltd.
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Foshan Peng Peng Hydraulic Co., Ltd.Set production, sales matching hydraulic equipment integration
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Foshan Peng Peng Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in China's manufacturing industry - Foshan, the main production and marketing and R & D.

  • Provide customers with customized technical services。
  • Rapid supply of hydraulic parts and aftermarket。
  • Imported hydraulic components the price isreasonable

Since its inception, after ten years of rapid development, the comprehensive ability to improve, in product design, manufacturing and after-sales service, rich practice and production capacity

⊙Technology to cost-effective, our hydraulic components are reliable quality, price concessions。

⊙Our hydraulic parts are low and the market price is above 10%. We supply high quality fittings。

⊙Hong Peng hydraulic is one of the excellent hydraulic suppliers in Foshan。

⊙All use CAD, Solidworks, AMESim design drawings, can design all kinds of hydraulic machinery。

⊙Sell well in the domestic market, maintain a high growth rate every year

⊙Regular launch of new products, hydraulic machinery to provide new impetus


Yuci heavy XB01VS0 axial piston pump XB01VS0125E02 industrial variable piston pump

Foshan Hongpeng Hydraulic Equipment Co. Ltd is located in China Hydraulic Distribution Center - Foshan, the main production and sales of hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder, circuit block, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic components, the company set the development, production, sales, wholesale as one.

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